Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Full Inspection Pricing

Single Family Residence  Up To 1,000 Sq. ft.       $325

                                          Up To 1,500 Sq. ft.       $365

                                          Up To 2,000 Sq. ft.       $405

                                          Up To 2,500 Sq. ft.       $445

                                          Up To 3,000 Sq. ft.       $485

                                          Up To 3,500 Sq. ft.       $525

                                          Up To 4,000 Sq. ft.       $575

                                          Up To 4,500 Sq. ft.       $625

                                          Up To 5,000 Sq. ft.       $675

                                            Over 5,000 Sq. ft.    + $0.15 per Sq. ft.​​

​*No Additional Fees for Older Homes or Raised/Crawlspace Foundations

Pricing Adjustments

Inspection fees subject to correction if property is different than scheduled. This includes correction for square footage, type of dwelling, guest houses, workshops/outbuildings, etc.